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February Birthstone Colors. The dominant color of the February birthstones is purple. And when talking about purple stones, one stands out: Amethyst. Indeed, Amethyst is the dominant birthstone of February. It can be purchased in a broad spectrum of colors, from lavender, via pink, to deep purple. 30/01/2019 · February Birthstone Color. Amethysts are a type of quartz often found in geodes amidst cooled lava. Their purple coloring runs the gamut from reddish purple to a bluish lilac. The finest quality is a strongly saturated reddish purple to dark purple as long as. So the Best Birthstone Color For February is purple. But the sensitivity to heat makes the amethyst can even change colors when people wear it often, without any aimed heating at all. Brazil and Uruguay are two countries as the commercial sources of amethyst in this world. Birthstone colors are tied to the gem stone for each month. Quickly find your birthday stone color, meaning, and fun facts like famous people, flower, or tree.

The birthstone colors are red for January and July, purple for February and June, blue for March, September and December, white or clear for April and as an alternate for June, green for May and August; pink or multi-color for October and yellow for November. The colors were more important in ancient times than the actual stone. The February birthstone meaning of the word “amethyst” comes from the Greek word “amethystos” meaning “remedy against drunkenness.” In ancient Greek and Roman times, the rich purple color that the February birthstone carries was believed to have properties that prevented those who wore it from becoming drunk. Each stone was a different type and color, each associated with different tribes. Each stone was set into the breast plate with gold, and the plate was attached to the person who wore it with golden chains. This breastplate, dating back to the 1 st century is among the first accounts of birthstone use. FEBRUARY BIRTHSTONE - AMETHYST. The gemstone Amethyst is the Birthstone for February. Although it must always be purple to be amethyst, it can and does have a wide range of purple shades. Its color is unparalleled, and even other, more expensive purple gemstones are often compared to its color and beauty.

February’s birthstone is the amethyst. Amethysts contain the second most abundant mineral found in Earth’s crust – quartz. Quartz is often found lining the insides of geodes. Modern Birthstone Chart. The Modern Birthstone Chart has one gemstone per month and is the most popular version. The list of gemstones are the main official birthstone of each month: Click or Tap on the chart to Save it. Official Birthstone Chart. The Official Birthstone Chart for the USA was declared in 1912 with subsequent amendments in 1952. Handmade in Hawaii,"Magical Color Changing" purple heart sea glass necklace, February Birthstone, Hawaii Gift Wrapped, Customizable Gift Message 4.5 out of 5 stars 39. $26.98 $ 26. 98. FREE Shipping. Sterling Silver Created or Genuine Gemstone Celtic Knot Linear Drop Earrings.

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