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ProSomnus makes next generation, precision Sleep Apnea Devices. Our goal is to enable dentists to create better treatment experiences for people suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Snoring. Utilizing our patented, FDA-cleared, advanced technologies, ProSomnus Sleep Apnea and Snoring Devices are effective, comfortable, safe and easy. Today, a full arch of teeth can be scanned along with a protruded, open bite and sent digitally to ProSomnus, where a CAD/CAM oral sleep appliance can be milled and finished without a model to fit and function like never before. This case report offers a first look at the clinical performance of the MicrO2™ Sleep Apnea Device for the treatment of patients with obstructive sleep apnea. Seven of seven patients diagnosed with OSA were able to be successfully treated with the MicrO2 Sleep Apnea Device. MicrO2 is designed to be the most comfortable sleep appliance available. It’s got smoothly contoured borders to avoid irritation of cheeks and gums. It’s a smaller device than other sleep appliances, but it also allows more tongue room. And it’s easy to adjust–there are no screws or elastics to mess with.

Relief is simple with the Micro2 sleep appliance. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Whole Health Dentistry today by calling 503 233-5825. Whole Health Dentistry is here to serve patients in the Oregon communities of Sellwood-Moreland and Portland. The weak link in many appliances is the part where the appliances can be adjusted and the metal is in this area. There are no metal parts in the Micro2. Another factor to consider with any appliance is the bite. Many appliances simply move the jaw forward and hope to correct the sleep apnea.

There are a number of oral sleep appliances on the market today. Most of them are effective at reducing or eliminating snoring and other symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea. However, Dr. Lively tends to favor the MicrO2 device from ProSomnus because it offers several distinct advantages that set. ProSomnus Sleep Devices were used to successfully treat 71% of OSA patients, including 100% of mild patients, 86% of moderate patients and 42% of severe patients A New Oral Appliance Titration Protocol using the MicrO2® Sleep Device and Mandibular Positioning Home Sleep Test.”. The noise of sleep apnea causes bed partners to suffer from a lack of sleep leading to crankiness, a lack of alertness, and even depression Clearly, to be well, whole, and productive you need the refreshment of safe and healthy breathing – all night long. Untreated Sleep Apnea can significantly increase risk of heart failure, stroke, diabetes and more. Fortunately, an experienced dentist may be able to treat you with a ProSomnus Oral Appliance, a small, comfortable, and effective FDA-cleared medical device that is covered by most medical insurances.

Sleep Technologies for Dentists ProSomnus®.

MicrO2 Sleep Apnea Appliance Alternative Pamela.

25/03/2019 · Do you need a device to stop your snoring? A snoring device designed to keep your airways open while you sleep? A snoring appliance that eliminates your log-sawing? We have what you are looking for. An oral appliance or snoring device can help eliminate your snoring altogether and can alleviate the conditions of sleep apnea. One of the appliances provided by our sleep dentists is the MicrO2® sleep apnea oral device. The MicrO2 device helps relieve snoring and other obstructive sleep apnea symptoms, and is comfortable and easy-to-use. Phone Sleep Better Austin at 512-215-4350 to learn how the MicrO2 device in Austin and Cedar Park, Texas, can help you. Once diagnosis is verified by a sleep physician, Dr. Green offers MicrO2 sleep appliance to treat patients suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea. MicrO2 could be the alternative treatment for existing CPAP users or those who are non-compliant or have problems with regular usage of a CPAP.

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