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Getting Started With Amazon Easy Email Service (SES) & Amazon SES Pricing


amazon-awsIn this information post I am going to speak regarding Amazon’s Easy Email Service (SES) & Amazon SES pricing plus discuss a some techniques you are able to utilise. Amazon SES is an outbound e-mail service, meaning it allows you to send emails from it’s software.

Why might you want an e-mail service though? So, with several hosting services, sending a great deal of emails (maybe we have a lot of buyers utilizing our internet eCommerce store) is an important matter because web hosts tend to have restrictions on how many emails you can send per hour. The standard alternative is to employ Gmail to send emails, though, this has restrictions too based on the email send limits that Google has installed.

This really is where Amazon SES comes into play because it is actually tailored towards this actual cause and the Amazon SES pricing table is VERY reasonable. Amazon SES makes sending emails more reliable along with cheap Amazon SES pricing, plus it moreover assists in email newsletter marketing to avoid SPAM folders.


Amazon SES pricing

If you send emails through Amazon, you are able to employ their free tier for twelve months. The free tier offers all access to the Amazon services implemented with fair restrictions. As an example, Amazon SES is limited to 2,000 messages daily should you choose their EC2 hosting.


Otherwise the overall expense is $0.10 per 1000 email messages.

They consider a single content email as one email to a single recipient. So in the event you send 1 e-mail to 1000 e-mail addresses it will come to the expense of 10 cents.

Attaching files and data e.g. images $0.12 per GB.





Options for Utilizing Amazon SES

There are 2 methods to utilize SES:

  • Easy Mail Transfer Protocol (commonly termed as SMTP)
  • The SDK API


They function differently; the SMTP lets you link straight into the e-mail host, while the API system enables you to send emails from the AWS SES Service.


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Amazon ses pricing vs sendgrid

The pricing for Amazon when using sending on average is around $1 for 10,000 emails sent out as an estimate this is pretty good value. Amazon SES also provides the best solutions for online software.


Sendgrid for Sendy is also a great solution to use if you are having issues with Amazon SES. Sometimes you may prefer a different system like Sendgrid or already use this for your other websites. On average the cost to use this service is $9.95 per 40,000 emails sent. This is very reasonable and should be considered.


So you can see the SES pricing vs Sendgrid pricing is quite reasonable, though in this case Amazon SES comes out as the more cost effective service.


Amazon ses vs mandrill


Mandrill for Sendy is another alternative option to Amazon SES and Sendgrid.  On average the cost to send 40,000 emails is $40. Mandrill is the service used by other providers such as Mailchimp and is the backbone to their email marketing system.



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