Sendy Prestashop, Wufoo, WHMCS

  As you know Sendy is a self hosted email marketing script that runs off Amazon SES. Each of the proceeding software systems has a module or connector which allows you to use your Sendy email marketing service without importing and exporting lists manually.   Pretashop is an open source eCommerce system. Special in it’s own way it allows for… Read more →

Capture & Create email campaigns from Magento

Sendy Magento Integration Connector

Magento is one the most popular eCommerce CMS systems on the market. Now with the release of Magento 2 there are alternatives available for cheaper email marketing systems to use for your eStore. Sendy Magento Integration is now available with Sendy Magento Connectors. This allows you to plugin your Sendy software to your Magento store either through an email marketing… Read more →

sendy plugin joomla

Sendy Joomla Modules & Plugins for Login integration

With Sendy Joomla extensions such as plugins and modules you can integrate users who login or subscribe to your website with Sendy’s email marketing list. Joomla is a powerful CMS system with many features which is why it makes it essential to extend your email marketing capabilities by integrating Sendy. We will keep an eye out for Sendy Joomla modules… Read more →

Amazon VPC

Amazon SES Logs – Tutorial for Amazon web services email logs

After we create a definate request to Amazon SES, the content is usually delivered instantly. At different instances, there may be a brief delay. In any case, you are to be assured the e-mail is delivered. When Amazon SES sends the content, nonetheless, many factors could avoid it from being delivered effectively, actual certain instances you may become aware which… Read more →

Amazon elastic beanstalk

Setup Amazon SES dkim – Amazon SES PHP Tutorial & WordPress Plugin

Amazon SES dkim – Using the WordPress Plugin   Whilst Amazon never had an official plugin, there are though third-party packages available than may work. In this example we’ll employ a plugin called Amazon SES DKIM Mailer. This really is a brilliant plugin, suitable with different e-mail services including Amazon SES. This signifies which event you decided use with Amazon… Read more →

Amazon SWF

Guide to setup SES SPF & Amazon simple email services

  Amazon SES SPF & Amazon Simple Email Service   Through a easy API call, companies can today access a  scalable e-mail infrastructure to  communicate to their consumers. For excellent e-mail deliverability, Amazon Email Service (Amazon Simple Email Service) utilizes content filtering technologies to scan a business’s outgoing e-mail messages to aid guarantee which the content meets ISP guidelines. The… Read more →

amazon elastic load balancing

What is Amazon Web Services

What is Amazon Web Services – (Amazon AWS) is a service positioned inside 10 geographical “regions”: US East (Northern Virginia), where most AWS servers are based,[3] US West (northern California), US West (Oregon), Brazil (São Paulo), Europe (Ireland), South Asia (Singapore), East Asia (Tokyo), China (Beijing) plus Australia (Sydney). There is additionally a “GovCloud”, based inside the Northwestern United States,… Read more →