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As you know Sendy is a self hosted email marketing script that runs off Amazon SES. Each of the proceeding software systems has a module or connector which allows you to use your Sendy email marketing service without importing and exporting lists manually.


Pretashop is an open source eCommerce system. Special in it’s own way it allows for SEO in your store with an updated SEO admin interface. This will give your store the easy ability to rank higher on the search engines with a fast loading eStore platform. Opencart is a similar software for eCommerce which also runs on PHP. We wont go into to much detail about the difference in each of the systems as by this time you would have already chosen your eCommerce software and are looking for information on how to connect it to Sendy.


Wufoo is a form building software application that has a plethora of templates which can be customized to your websites theme. It also allows for reporting with consists of graphics and charts to present to your management team. It allows for custom form rules and Javascript to fully customize your forms sending and data storage abilities.


WHMCS is the platform behind most hosting companies. It allows for full integration with cPanel and various server environments. It has a fully inbuilt ticketing system, recurring billing options on various payment gateways and full automation with your existing cPanel hosting packages.


Xenforo is a leading forums software for communities. It integrates well with social media such as Facebook and Twitter by alerting users for their contribution to the board with sharing options. It is also well known for its SEO capabilities with integrated Microdata and semantic HTML mark-up giving it an advantage over it’s competitors.



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Sendy Modules and Integrations for Prestashop, Wufoo, WHMCS, Xenforo & Opencart


Wufoo Sendy Integrator


This is a brief tutorial showing you how to integrate Wufoo forms with the Sendy app.


icon-link Sendy Woofu Tutorial




WHMCS Sendy Module


This module integrates your Sendy software with WHMCS with ease.

Sendy WHMCS features


  • Auto adds new customers to a specific Sendy Subscriber list
  • Connects different Subscriber lists, based on the product ordered
  • Adds the customers name + email to your Subscriber list


icon-link WHMCS Sendy Module



Sendy WHMCS Connector (Paid)


This addon Subscribe, Update and Unsubscribe WHMCS Clients to your Sendy ( Lists.


icon-link Sendy WHMCS Module


senforo sendy

Xenforo Sendy Connector (Paid)


Allow users easy to subscribe or unsubscribe newsletter through

Key Features:

  • Support subscribe/unsubscribe on your forums sign up page
  • A large amount of extra fields when subscribe
  • Handle when user change email. When a user updates there email address it will be updated on the Sendy list.


icon-link Sendy Xenforo Connector



Sendy Opencart Integration


This is a manual application script you will need to upload and configure into your Opencart website and Sendy software to allow for the integration to function. It is hosted on Github so you can download the source and follow the instructions.


icon-link Sendy Opencart Connector



If you have no downloaded the Sendy software yet, click the button below to purchase the software and get running now.


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    Really nice list, i will use this for my WHMCS installation, its been hard to find a reliable connector.

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