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Amazon elastic beanstalk

Setup Amazon SES dkim – Amazon SES PHP Tutorial & WordPress Plugin

Amazon SES dkim – Using the WordPress Plugin   Whilst Amazon never had an official plugin, there are though third-party packages available than may work. In this example we’ll employ a plugin called Amazon SES DKIM Mailer. This really is a brilliant plugin, suitable with different e-mail services including Amazon SES. This signifies which event you decided use with Amazon… Read more →

Amazon SWF

Guide to setup SES SPF & Amazon simple email services

  Amazon SES SPF & Amazon Simple Email Service   Through a easy API call, companies can today access a  scalable e-mail infrastructure to  communicate to their consumers. For excellent e-mail deliverability, Amazon Email Service (Amazon Simple Email Service) utilizes content filtering technologies to scan a business’s outgoing e-mail messages to aid guarantee which the content meets ISP guidelines. The… Read more →

amazon elastic load balancing

What is Amazon Web Services

What is Amazon Web Services – (Amazon AWS) is a service positioned inside 10 geographical “regions”: US East (Northern Virginia), where most AWS servers are based,[3] US West (northern California), US West (Oregon), Brazil (São Paulo), Europe (Ireland), South Asia (Singapore), East Asia (Tokyo), China (Beijing) plus Australia (Sydney). There is additionally a “GovCloud”, based inside the Northwestern United States,… Read more →


Amazon SES – Email Marketing Software PHP

The Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is a pay-per-use e-mail distribution engine. This Easy Mail Transfer Protocol host distributes e-mail to recipients by applications like Microsoft Outlook or any SaaS platform which generates e-mail plus requires an SMTP host for delivery. Within the context of AWS, SES functions with applications running inside the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) or… Read more →